The Mission

Our mission here isn’t just to make riders faster.
In fact, that is simply a by-product of what we teach.

Our mission is to make riders better, and to give them more control over their motorcycles in any and all situations. To become the pilot instead of simply being along for the ride. There’s nothing worse than riding on a motorcycle and feeling like you’re scaring yourself when you try to step out of your comfort zone, or when something unexpected happens. You’re not having fun when you do that. Motorcycles are supposed to be 100% fun, period. That’s why we all started riding in the first place, right?

I’ve seen more riders leave the motorcycle industry because they stopped having fun. This could be for a number of reasons including the high costs, falling down, failing to make improvement in their riding, etc. All of these problems can be overcome by applying the skills we teach at Ride University. We’re not really in the business of making people faster, we’re in the business of helping people to find more enjoyment from riding. The fact that some of our students leave our programs with the ability to ride faster, isn’t because that’s what we teach, it’s because that’s what they choose to do with their new skills. For some, riding near the limit isn’t really their thing – but the skills required to succeed at finding the safe way home are still the same.

While I love the positive feedback about our track event alumni going out and dropping their lap times by 2 or 3 seconds, the ones that I love more are ones that you don’t hear. The street only rider out on a twisty road comes over a blind rise and is able to tighten up their line safely, avoiding something in the other lane, or a patch of gravel. Or someone losing the rear on their way home from work in the rain and making a correction before it’s really even a problem. You don’t hear about that because it’s just a random event that happens, riders avoided the situation and carried on their ride, having a blast. The skills they learned at the school became so automatic that they didn’t even think to make a big deal about it. To me, that’s a better testament to what we teach, that type of success story matters the most. A lot of riders are interested in getting their bikes on the track and learning how to go fast, but everyone wants to ride with the confidence in knowing they have the skills to be safe.

– Jason DiSalvo