Video Camera rules

  • Please note some NEW tech rules regarding GoPro (or similar) cameras:
  • All Gopros (or similar cameras) that is mounted on a motorcycle must have a tether from the camera case to a point on the motorcycle. It doesn’t have to be pretty, it just has to be tethered and secure.
  • Helmet mounted Gopros (or similar helmet-mounted cameras) are NOT ALLOWED at all on track.

Photograph and Video Images

Ride University LLC reserves the right to publish photographs and/or videos taken of Participants and Spectators, and/or their name and likeness, for use in Ride University’s print, online, and video-based marketing materials, as well as other Ride University publications. Participants and Spectators hereby release and hold harmless Ride University from any reasonable expectation of privacy or confidentiality associated with the images specified above.  Participants and Spectators further acknowledge that participation is voluntary and they will not receive financial compensation of any type associated with the taking or publication of these photographs or videos in Ride University marketing materials. Participants and Spectators acknowledge and agree that publication of said photos confers no rights of ownership or royalties whatsoever.


Age Restrictions

  • All riders must be 18 years or older.

Weather Policy

  • All Ride University venues have a “rain-or-shine policy”.

Organizational Rules

  • Alcohol and other intoxicants are forbidden during on-track hours (7:00 AM – 5:00 PM) at any Ride University event.
  • Any such substance brought to a Ride University event must be brought to the attention of Ride University staff who will then make a ruling on the appropriateness of the substance (i.e. prescription medication, etc.)
  • Any rider found in possession of such substances at a Ride University event will be immediately ejected, forfeit monies paid for track days and be barred from further attendance for 6 months. If the substance is a narcotic or other dangerous drug, the rider will be permanently barred from any future track events with Ride University.
  • Any rider who creates a disruption to the point that it interferes with the regular operation of an event will be subject to ejection.
  • Ride University reserves the right to refuse admission to any individual. Any individual denied permission to attend a track event will receive a refund unless the denial is for one of the reasons specified in this policy statement.
  • Riders ejected from any Ride University event forfeit any and all monies paid to Ride University or its affiliates, associates, or sponsors.

Risk Awareness

  • By signing up for a Ride University event, you agree that Ride University, its associates, sponsors, and the local facility cannot assume any responsibility for any aspect of your safety and that participating in any motorcycle track events, you do so voluntarily on your own assessment of your ability, the course, conditions, and facilities, and assume all risk.
  • You agree to release and hold Ride University, its associates and sponsors harmless for any injury or loss to your person or property.
  • You understand that this is an inherently dangerous and life-risking activity and you will not hold Ride University, its associates, sponsors, the local facility or any other person responsible for any injury or death resulting to yourself or your property at any event.
  • You also agree that decisions made by Ride University, its associates, and sponsors will be final.