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The Skills You REALLY Need on the Street

Street skills courses should be more than just an exercise in how to ride around a few cones in a circle and come away with your certificate of completion. They should teach you real world skills and help you to understand the best techniques to ride your ride with better preparedness and awareness.

Something as simple as getting our motorcycles stopped more efficiently can often times make all the difference in the world for a street rider that has to contest with obstacles on the road found in every day riding.

This is what the Ride University Street course is all about. You’ll find here some of the core fundamentals you’ll learn in the program and what they will help you accomplish as a rider.

Events and Free Online courses are scheduled for release Summer 2017. To stay up to date with all of the RideU Street program information – drop your email in the box at the top of this page and we’ll let you know when the courses are ready to rock!

Training for Better Outcomes

Training designed to help riders mitigate the risks of riding on the street. Through awareness and skill building, making riders safer on the road allows them to put more enjoyable miles behind them without incident.

Core skills rooted from the highest levels of motorcycle sport and adapted to providing greater handing control on the street. Covering only a small scope of skills centered around handling and control means a MUCH deeper understanding and ability to put them to use when it counts.

Safety and skill combine to make Ride University graduates the most confident riders on the road. Coupled with greater awareness and preparedness for potential risks, our graduates can cultivate higher levels of fun in their street riding or choose to take their two wheeled passion to the track!


  • The most important skill for keeping control of the motorcycle
  • Multiple braking techniques that address a wide range of real world situations
  • Multiple braking classroom sessions
  • Three individual braking drills with video reviews


  • Creates a deep understanding of what makes a motorcycle turn
  • Multiple body positions for the street – matched for your preference and riding goals
  • Body positioning classroom, drill and review helps riders of all types to have greater control in corners
  • Speed control mid-corner for dealing with the unexpected

Speed Control

  • Clearly defines the consequences for attempting inappropriate speeds
  • Gives riders the confidence to maneuver through linked corners
  • Combines multiple skills into a single drill and video review
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